Aucuba Variagata - Spoted Laurel

Aucuba Variagata - Spoted Laurel

Winter Hardy
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One of the easiest of all evergreen shrubs to grow and keep so favoured by landscapers and parkkeepers , yet Aucubas or Japanese Laurels are far from boring. This one has striking shiny yellow spotted deep green leaves with a fine showing of bright red berries in Autumn.

Used mainly as a dense hedge for eyar roudn evergreen interest (with it's classoic yellow spots), tt tolerates drought and most soil types and is . Seems to tolerate pollution well so very good in a town or city gardens. Easy to manage, not too vigorous, and is pretty tough and resilient.

Plant 40cmn (14') apart for a dense hedge in 5 years or so. Contact us for a price for larger volumes.


What Is Supplied Supplied aas a 1L pot grown bush 20-30cm tall, evergreen, to plant out all year
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