Lagerstroemia Rhapsody in Pink
Lagerstroemia Rhapsody in Pink

Lagerstroemia 'Rhapsody in Pink'

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If you have ever driven through Central France in Summer and seen wonderful trees plastered with pink or red flowers, chances are they are Crepe Myrtle, or Lagerstroemia. Now you can grow these amazing wonders over here too.

Lagerstroemia have never flowered well in the UK in all but the very hottest Summer’s. They are perfectly hardy and tough over here, they just never got enough accumulated sunshine to flower reliably – until now! Following tests in the UK, the variety ‘Rhapsody in Pink’ flowers reliably in Summer into Autumn in the UK, thanks to the fact it appears to need much less sun to flower than other varieties.

Added to that, it has sensational wine purple new leaves, and is smothered in soft pink flowers for long periods, it really is a breakthrough for UK gardeners. A reasonably vigorous grower, it will form a good sized shrub or small tree in a sunny spot, ideal for large pots or specimen plantings. Ensure Winter drainage is good too.

A really easy to grow, yet dramatic new plant for British gardens, ‘Rhapsody In Pink’ really delivers.

What Is Supplied Supplied as a well-branched plant 35cm tall in a 13cm pot, to plant straight out. Dormant in Winter, so no leaves on Oct - April
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