Hosta Wide Brim

Hosta 'Wide Brim'

One of the best and easiest to grow
Pack of 3 Jumbo Plugs - Item: 480203
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What Is Supplied

Universally regarded as one of the best and easiest Hostas to grow, 'Wide Brim' has simple green and cream variegated heart-shaped leaves, topped with subtle pale lavender blue flowers in Summer.

Great in mixed borders as a foliage foil for bright flower colours, or fabulous in cool real terracotta pots, with plenty of organic matter in, they fit modern and traditional garden styles alike.

You will need to use monthly applications of slug pellets or copper tape bands round pots, as they are the most popular slug and snail feed if not controlled!! Well worth the effort though as you will be rewarded for years with lovely neat displays.

What Is Supplied Supplied as a pack of 3 jumbo plugs (2.5 - 3.5cm diameter) ready to plant.
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