The Complete Chrysanthemum Collection - 24 plugs

The Complete Chrysanthemum Collection - 24 plugs

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Chrysanthemum Collection x 24 Plugs - Item: 400166
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This is the ultimate chrysanthemum collection – 24 of the biggest and best varieties guaranteed to make a massive impact in your garden!

Chrysanthemums are a much loved, classic cottage garden favourite, due to their beautiful clusters of ball-shaped flowers. Nothing heralds the arrival of Autumn in the garden than a garden flushed with their gorgeous blooms.
This collection includes exciting new series varieties of the much loved hardy ‘Garden Mums’ – naturally compact, with beautiful balls of multi-coloured flowers.

‘Spray’ and ‘Bloom’ Chrysanthemums are the old fashioned types that you used to see in your granddad’s garden – with glorious 8-10” blooms in orange, pink, yellow and purple – planted in a mixture these will create simply stunning features!

Chrysanthemums have a long flowering period, so you can enjoy their huge, impressive displays all summer long – typically from the end of July through to December!

Typically used to create impact in florist’s bouquets where they come at a high price – a typical bunch of 5 cut bloom Chrysanthemums can cost around £10!

These are hardy, shrubby perennials that will return every year to delight with their showy blooms. So easy to care for, they thrive when well-watered, and require little pruning. They produce their tight, balls of colour naturally, and don’t need any help achieving or maintaining this shape!
What Is Supplied Supplied as a selection of 24 jumbo plugs consisting of 6 Bloom, 12 Sunbeam and 6 Spray Chrysanthemum.
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