Trailing Begonia Illumination Apricot Shades

Trailing Begonia 'Illumination Apricot Shades'

Superb for baskets, weather proof and long lasting.
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Year after Year, Begonia Illumination Apricot Shades features in our Top 3 best-selling bedding and basket plants. Why? It's undoubtedly the combination of fantastic performance in baskets and tubs whatever the Summer weather, combined with the gorgeous blend of warm tones and shades that the mix produces.

This beautiful variety has flowers in wonderfully warm shades of yellow, gold, apricot, orange and ochre that will fill your hanging baskets and patio containers with colour from May until October! The blooms are incredibly weather proof, long lasting and plentiful, held on strong healthy plants with a gently trailing growing habit.

They look best simply on their own, as there is enough subtle colour variation not to look too overdone. One for the short-list for sure.

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
++ Service rating : The plants I have purchased have always arrived well packaged and healthy, sometimes they are slightly damaged in transit, but usually with a little care turn out to be fine.
Product : Love these type of begonia they always look so 'sunny' and bring a smile to your face. Get a lot of compliments and am expecting the same this year.
+ Service rating : What a shame the plants sat in a depot over the weekend, but I guess that's down to yodel?
Product : Bit smaller than I thought/hoped
++ Service rating : quick service
Product : excellent plugs
-- Service rating : Product arrived in a box. Opened it up to find that a 1.5kg tub of blood fish and bone rattleing around with 3 packs of plug plants. No bubble wrap or nothing. Plant looked they should have been on the reduced section of a supermarket not quality just hand picked for you fresh from the nursery am disappointed and appalled
Product : Dead
++ Service rating : Plants arrived in good condition. Delivery was as advised by garden bargains. Looking forward to seeing the flowers
Product : Plants arrived in good condition. Delivery was as advised. Looking forward to seeing the flowers
+ Service rating : Packaging and handling still leaves a lot to be desired.
Product : Broken plants.
+ Efficient
++ Service rating : excellent plants
Product : excellent plants and growing
+ Service rating : This particular order had no problems at all. Very happy
Product : Strong seedlings but only just received so can't pass a comment on what they are like. Arrived safely in their own mini greenhouse.
++ Service rating : Very good & excellent
Product : Very good but some bad
+ My first order was good. But my second order was not very good. I could not choose the credit card. The system did not work. After trying several times. I finally gave up
++ Service rating : excellent service plants arrived promptly
Product : plants healthy
-- Service rating : As they know I was not happy with the plants when arrived as they were not what I know as the size of Jumbo pods and I have even gardening for over 60 years and had paid nearly £50 for 24 plants. I am noT well enough to do it all myself now.
Product : Same as above so I know never to order again.
Garden Bargains Comments
I am sorry that you aren't happy with your order. Our plant sizes are listed on all of our advertising - sorry if you didn't see that.

We're awaiting some photos from you and details on how you've cared for the plants - can you send this please and we'll get back to you asap.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Prompt delivery. Good information
Product : Healthy looking plants but poor root growth compared to one I have bought before.Hopefuly they wil do well . LP
++ The service was really good
++ Service rating : Contacted customer services and was extremely pleased with response
Product : Plant condition was excellent
++ Service rating : easy to order and good price,Bought many plants on line over the years got to say these have been the best buy and will buy again.Geranium & begonia 5 star.
Product : excellent
++ Service rating : I lost a parcel and they replaced it - excellent service
Product : excellent plants - all growing strong
++ Service rating : good healthy plants
Product : good healthy plants
++ Very good
++ Service rating : Very quick delivery and excellent plantsl
Product : Strong and healthy plants
- Service rating : Plants damaged on delivery - contacted customer's service - offered part refund but still had to pay for delivery - two weeks no response
Product : value not known
+ Service rating : Great products, reasonable prices and fair p&p.
Product : Potted on they are doing well.
++ Service rating : quick and efficient service
Product : look healthy and happy
+ Service rating : Price /delivery/packaging excellent..
Product : I had 2 packs of these,1 Pack was strong plants and are doing well in the greenhouse.The 2nd tray was very poor and tiny plants.I do not think that any of the second tray will service.Of the twelve plants,only 4 are hanging on,I expect them to be dead by the weekend.
+ Service rating : Excellent except see comment on tumbling
Product : a little damaged on arrival but have recovered
++ Service rating : Clear ordering and well described products
Product : Plants arrived well packaged and in excellent condition
- Service rating : delivery OK don't know that I will use this site again
Product : twelve plants squashed into a container which could only accommodate 6 plants
Garden Bargains Comments
That's odd - all of our packaging for this product is designed to hold 12 plants in two rows of 6 (we don't have any packaging for six plants of this size).

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Excellent Customer Service following arrival of some plants which had withered. Reply within 24 hours and replacement sent.
Product : Plants not so healthy looking but I am sure will be fine
- Service rating : I was happy with the service but not the product a lot of the Begonias were not established enough on a lot of them there was only one small leaf showing very fragile when transplanting into bigger Potts they broke up very easily that's why I rated the product bad
Product : As above
Garden Bargains Comments
Sorry - it appears these were a little shy rooted and were damaged in transit. If you'd like us to replace, please let me know.

Head of Customer Service
- Service rating : I ordered 12 begonia plants, but when the Courier delivered them they were absolutely trashed. When I got in touch with Customer services they sent me a replacement, but unfortunately this was also damaged. I phoned customer services again who was very apologetic and they agreed a full refund.
Product : I have given this rating because of the state of the plants when I received them
Garden Bargains Comments
So sorry about this. I will follow up with our Nursery Manager.

Head of Customer Service
-- Service rating : Contents were mishandled and poorly packed. Some were destroyed.
Product : Don't know if remainder of plugs have survived. Time will tell.
Garden Bargains Comments
Sorry about the damage. Let us know if any don't survive and we'll replace.

Head of Customer Service
What Is Supplied Supplied as 12 Jumbo Plug Plants (2.5 - 3.5cm diameter). Flowers from late May until first frosts in the autumn. Not frost hardy so keep protected until the last frost. Pot on for 2-4 weeks before planting.
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