Seed Potato Albert Bartlett Elfe

Seed Potato Albert Bartlett 'Elfe'

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.A delicious new early maincrop potato with a golden appearance and a sensational taste. Elfe will give you a heavy crop of large smooth skinned potatoes that keep well. They are perfect for boiling, mashing and baking - do this and you'll discover the flavour wich is silky and sweet - so good that you'll think the butter has already been added! Because theflesh is soft it's much easier to mash without lumps too.
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++ Service rating : Excellent, first class in every respect. A+++++
Product : Quality seed potatoes - condition outstanding will use Garden Bargains again.
++ Wonderful customer service and quality products.
What Is Supplied Supplied from Certified Seed from some of the UK's leading growers, We suggest "chitting" by standing round end upwards in egg boxes, in cool, light rook for 2-3 weeks, until small shoots emerge from the eyes. Approx 12-15 tubers.
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