Complete Patio Potato Growing Kit

Complete Patio Potato Growing Kit

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Plant In Sunshine
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18 Seed Potatoes & 3 GrowPods - Item: 350058
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Grow delicious, fresh potatoes from your patio or balcony - no garden needed! Add compost and water, and you will harvest your first 'New' potatoes in as little as 10 weeks.

Three varieties offer a range of harvest dates:

'Swift' (Early) A fast cropper, harvesting in 8-9 weeks from April planting. Abundant, gorgeous, soft new potatoes.

'Charlotte' (Salad) Perfect as a new potato, in salads or for boiling.

'Desiree' (Maincrop) Red skin, yellow's been a winner for decades! Great for boiling, mashing or as jackets with a lovely crisp skin.

This is the perfect way to grow your potatoes - no digging whatsoever! The grow-pods included can be used again and again...

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Score Customer Comments
NA speed of delivery could be better
++ Service rating : A problem free purchase.
Product : They look like good healthy seed potatoes.
+ Service rating : Goods delivered on time, well packed and look to be good quality
Product : Bags look strong and seed potatoes in good condition Too soon to really comment properly
++ Service rating : Alway quick delivery, great quality and accurate descriptions
Product : Good value for money and easy directions
+ Tracking not very good
++ Service rating : Excellent servicce
Product : Excellent produce
++ Service rating : Good service, item arrived on time and boxed well.
Product : Can't give full feedback as the potatoes need to sprout, get planted and grow!
++ Service rating : Arrived in good condition in good time
Product : Chitted potatoes and planted yesterday,good strong bags, the one thing I would say is that you will need at lot of compost (100 lit)
++ Service rating : A simple no nonsense Web Site, you get to where you want to go.
Product : It's early days yet but it appears to be good quality and there are more potatoes than promised, possibly covering any failures.
-- Service rating : The potato grow pack I received contained small poor quality potatoes and there was only3potatoes in each pack I hope the patio strawberries I have ordered are off better quality yours Will Donlan
Product : Poor quality
+ My first order, some confusion at the start about when items were coming, but sorted after speaking to them.
+ good quality
NA Service rating : fast service
Product : looks good and great price but wont know until they grow what the results are
-- Service rating : Goods delivered in broken carton with some parts missing, couruer returned to sender
Product : Not yet been delivered
Garden Bargains Comments
Good Morning,

Firstly, thank you for your recent order with us. I am ever so sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the order.

I cannot see any correspondence from yourself regarding this matter. Have you been in touch directly? Please email myself directly and we shall get this resolved for you.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
+ Service rating : items arrived as they stated on the webpage / 2 x deliveries not mentioned on the
invoice -- very quick responce to email I sent chasing the compost
Product : 18 potatoes arrived labelled -- unable for responce as I have to wait 4 weeks for
the potatoes to show signs of rooting
NA Service rating : Very quick delivery & everything safe & secure, so excellent service.
Product : Waiting for the potatoes to sprout, so not yet used the bags.
++ Service rating : The delivery was a lot earlier than expected
Product : Haven't started yet but all looks fine
++ As Above
+ Service rating : Great value, all items are packed really well.
Product : One of the potatoes was very small and nothing has came of it.
++ I love Garden Bargains, all I have purchased over the last few years are doing well in my garden.
NA Service rating : Quick delivery, everything ok
Product : haven't had time to plant yet
++ Service rating : I have ordered from them in the past, so know that they can be trusted to provide the best customer service.
Product : Great varisties
+ I ordered, they delivered, no problems., would certainly use again.
++ Everything worked well
+ The Oleanders arrived stooped over with the pots cracked (photos available) and very badly damaged packing.
The Campsis Jazz Fire 3L arrived with several stems broken.
Garden Bargains Comments
We are very sorry to hear about the damage to the orders, please do not hesitate to let us know if the plants do not pick up.

Terry Falcone
Customer Service Assistant
+ Service rating : mainly very good.
Product : is it too late to plant these tubers as they have not chitted yet?someone called James was going to send me the container /pots not the bags as I have lots of the bags.It was not clear as per the description, as "pods" are a solid container & "bags" are bags as they should be described.Please send the black pots & how much they cost for how many?
+ Service rating : very pleased with delivery service.
Product : I have not planted the seed potatoes yet, still waiting for them to finish Chitting.
+ Service rating : Good prompt service shall continue using for my garden supplies.
Product : Chitting seed potatoes at the moment time will tell quality of potatoes but grow bags seem to be good and should last a few years.
++ very good service
+ Service rating : There was a hiccup as the alternative, cheaper kit was sent, partly due to my not quoting a reference, but they corrected this and I then received what I had ordered.
Product : The kit is good quality however, there should have been six of each variety of potato and there were only four of one of them. I was able to halve one of them so did, in fact, end up with five!
++ Service rating : Nothing seems to be too much trouble for them, I lost track of my membership and forgot to renew it but they still dealt with my order at maximum speed.
Product : If Gardening gets any easier I think I will give it up, there are so very few problems with today's equipment.
What Is Supplied Supplied as 3 varieties of seed potato and 3 grow pods ready for planting up.
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