Capparis spinosa Caper Plant

Capparis spinosa Caper Plant

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Grow your own caper from this fascinating and unusual plant by picking and pickling the green flower buds.

Found in the Mediterranean and used as an essential ingredient in Mediterranean cooking, its fruits are actually unopened flower buds but when the flower buds do open, they are the most beautiful ornamental blooms you’d least expect!

The eye-catching pink and white blooms really stand out proud against the pale green foliage but what’s really special about the flowers are that they are an absolute magnet to butterflies. You’ll bring your garden to life with wonderful wildlife each and every summer!

Whether you fancy growing your own capers to eat fresh from the bush, or pickle, or for its unique ornamental value, it is evergreen so will fill your garden with year-round interest and, like an olive tree, is fully hardy down to around -8C in UK gardens.

Easy to grow in most soils, it needs plenty of sun and thrives against a south facing wall or potted on a sunny patio. You could also grow in a greenhouse or conservatory where it will really flourish in the warmth.

Supplied as an established plant in 14cm pot.

What Is Supplied Supplied as an establshed plant in 14cm pot ready to plant out or repot.
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