Ultimate Strawberry Grow Pod System - 12 Pods, Watering Tray & 12 Plants

Ultimate Strawberry Grow Pod System - 12 Pods, Watering Tray & 12 Plants

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12 Pods, Watering Tray & 12 Plants - Item: 320066
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These revolutionary self-watering Strawberry ‘GrowIn-Pods’ will transform how you grow juicy strawberries and indeed virtually anything else on your patio – this year and for many seasons to come! It is an innovative, modular system that is incredibly flexible and has been specifically designed so you can create the format, shape and style of planting arrangement you need.
They will produce perfect results every time with the absolute minimum of effort and in stylish Spanish terracotta colour, they look great too!

GrowIn-Pods are made from the highest quality high density polypropylene that is totally UV proof and they come with a complete and unconditional 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee! They are the last growing containers you will ever have to buy and can be configured to meet virtually any requirement you may have – make use of corner spots, doubled up in to a ‘wall planter’ and even made in to a ‘wrap around’ planter for posts and corners!

When configured in to layers of 4 pods, they create a 4-leafed ‘clover-shaped’ arrangement so you can create a solid, stackable tower that will add height and drama to any area of your garden. Each 5 litre capacity ‘GrowIn-Pod’ has its own integral water reservoir ensuring no water is wasted but also that your plants have a ready supply of water and plant food as they need it. They also come complete with specially designed steel wall brackets, so where you do create dramatic vertical displays you can do so with the complete confidence that they will be held completely securely.

They are perfect for floor standing, vertical indoor and outdoor displays and for your convenience, colour co-ordinated watering trays are also available. If using as a vertical grow tower, the water tray is the perfect addition. Manufactured from the same strong UV stable plastic, it is designed to hold the made up set of 4 in a layer snuggly and securely, and will catch up to 3 litres of water too, which can act as a reservoir for the bottom layer if you are popping away from home for a few days - cuts down watering and keeps plants watered.

Each pod measures 210 x 210 x 210mm - each layer of 4 has a maximum width of 290mm. Can clip together and stack as singles, pairs, 3 round a pots or a complete layer of 4 Pods. Plant 1 Strawberry plant per pod, or 3 bedding plants if you choose a decorative look in future.

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
+ Service rating : Please with order ,would use them again
Product : Order was 2 complete strawberry grow pod system, 1 was for a mate and 1 grow pod missing ,he was happy set up 3 on top instead 4 thank you
+ Good product this was a reorder. Delivery not quite quick enough. But overall the quality was good
+ Service rating : The goods arrived on time but there were no assembly instructions enclosed.
Product : See comment above.
++ Service rating : Excellent services. Plants arrive very quickly and in excellent condition. T pods are ingenious.
Product : A one
+ Service rating : arrived in a reasonable time
Product : i look forward to using it
++ Service rating : Customer service excellent
Product : Excellent value
++ well when the first delivery arrived it was badly packaged with heavy items bouncing on top of the plants which were dry & no soil left. However contacted them and got replacement plants so I would say excellent customer service.
+ Service rating : I received the strawberry planter and that was in good shape, well packaged so no damage but unfortunately the live strawberry plants were dead
Product : I received the strawberry planter and that was in good shape, well packaged so no damage but unfortunately the live strawberry plants were dead
++ Service rating : came on time
Product : looks good plants growing
++ Service rating : always a brilliant selection of plants
Product : bigger than I thought, but excellent condition
++ Service rating : Great to deal with
Product : Top class product with good strong palnts
+ Service rating : Whilst I have had some good stuff from Garden Bargains, I was very disappointed to be told that I had to pay the postage on a replacement for a dead plant "because you have previously had a replacement apple tree". When I stated that I had previously complained that the clematis was very poorly on delivery, which was checked on their system, the postage charge was removed. The website clearly states lifetime guarantee, so was very surprised at my treatment. It made me feel as though I spent my life complaining about plants. Unlikely to buy from Garden Bargains again.
Product : I was very happy until we had to move the system and found that the "red lugs" underneath had moved and the four in the top layer came apart and all the plants fell out!
Garden Bargains Comments
I am sorry that you are disappointed, however the terms of our Lifetime Guarantee are clear. We're happy to replace and hardy plants that fail to thrive for free, however we ask that customers cover the cost of P&P.

We believe that this is extremely fair - especially considering the huge number of factors outside our control which could have affected the performance of your apple tree in the many months since you bought it.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Everything arrived in time, although one of the strawberry plants was very small and is now dead, however I am expecting a replacement today.
Perhaps the dispatch staff could have prevented this by being more aware of what they were packing as one plant was so much smaller than the other 23.
Product : excellent quality, much more robust than expected
+ Service rating : Quick and easy from website to delivery
Product : Value for money and good products
++ Service rating : Easy to use and fast delivery.
Product : Love my growing pods.
++ Service rating : Very good service and communication,arrived fairly quickly.
Product : A very sturdy and ingenious system.Plants very healthy.
++ very efficient and quick delivery
+ Service rating : Arrived very quick
Product : Good quality easy to put together.
++ Service rating : Ilove my strawberry grow pods thankyou
Product : They are great thankyou
++ Service rating : no with anything problems
Product : I won't be using pod together, I feel there will be a variation in growth, as many shaded spots
+ Service rating : products well packed
Product : time will tell how well this pod system works
++ Service rating : Packaging could be improved to be "courier-proof" - although clearly labelled "This Way Up" it had obviously spent time on its side so that the plants had fallen down the side of the box which didn't do them any good. Not the company's fault as such but maybe include more padding to prevent this.
Product : Does the job really well.
++ Service rating : Great selection of very reasonably priced plants with prompt delivery
Product : Sturdy, good-sized modules which are easily locked together to form the pod system. Strawberry plants supplied with the pods are healthy & growing.
+ Service rating : Good products at a reasonable price, with prompt delivery.
Product : Good quality product, delivered promptly.
++ Service rating : Fast service.
Product : Ingenious, very adaptable, fits multiple locations, larger than you think.
++ Service rating : Easy to order & a fast / speedy delivery, products all intact (no damage), plants beautifully healthy. Extremely pleased customer.
Product : Looks great, very easy to assemble. The plants are beautiful, extremely healthy and growing fast, would've preferred it a little taller off the ground but to be honest that's not essential. In conclusion I am extremely happy with my purchase.
++ Service rating : Can't fault the service and quality - everything is packed so well it arrives in perfect condition
Product : Wonderful system, so easy to put together - looks great on the patio and I even have strawberries already - ok so it's only five!! but I am delighted with it
++ very good service and product wait and see if it lasts 5 years.
+ Service rating : Easy to use the web site, good quality goods. The information that comes with the goods is very good
Product : I carnt, wait to test the strawberry,s the grow pods are easy to put to-gether and are good quality.
++ Service rating : Excellent choice available
Product : Brilliant product
- Service rating : not up to the usual standard
Product : 3 plants D.O.A. total waste of time and money
Garden Bargains Comments
I am sorry to hear that some of your plants haven't thrived. We're happy to replace them if you'd like?

Head of Customer Service
+ I ordered 10 no rose's. They came in 1 box and some were damanged due the the way they were packed.I sent a e mail to customer service no responce to date.
on the box it should have said lay flat not upright as all the roases were over each other and damaged.
What Is Supplied 12 x GrowIn Pods, each pod with wall fixings (each pod approx. 210 x 210 x 210mm)
1 x GrowIn Pod Maxi Tray Watering Tray
12 x Strawberry ‘Buddy’ Trayplants
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