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Packed with flavour and full of goodness!
Perfect In Pots
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Winter Hardy
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  • Your very own delicious, sweet and juicy blueberries, fresh from your own garden!
  • A ‘super food’ and a great source of antioxidants, minerals, fibre and vitamins C and K.
  • Wonderfully attractive with scented white flowers followed by summer fruit, then fiery red foliage in autumn.
  • Heavy cropping, with several kilos of fruit each season, and great grown in a patio pot in full sun.
  • Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot, ready for planting and growing to a height of 1.5 (5ft) and a spread of 1m (3ft).
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Product Description

Now more than ever is the time to grow something tasty from home and this is your chance to grow your very own crop of incredibly tasty blueberries!

Often called a ‘super food’, blueberries are believed to carry all manner of health benefits and are recommended by health experts and dietitians accordingly. Packed full of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants, they are not only really good for you, but they taste great too.

Besides tasting great, blueberries will also provide true season-long interest for your garden with wonderfully fragrant tubular blossom in spring, followed by delicious fruits that form and colour up ready for picking from June onwards and you can expect several kilos of tasty fruit each season once the bush is established. In autumn, after fruiting has finished, the foliage turns to fiery red before falling.

Grow in full sun for the tastiest fruit, and unless you have acidic soil use ericaceous compost, as blueberries are intolerant to lime. Blueberries are also excellent for growing in pots and make superb patio plants.

Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot, ready for planting and growing to a height of 1.5 (5ft) and a spread of 1m (3ft).

What Is Supplied

Item 310175 supplied as:
Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot.

Plant Information

Top Tips

  • Birds love picking fresh berries, so consider covering the plant with netting when the fruit is ripening.

Care Guide

How to grow blueberries

  • While tolerant of shade, blueberries crop better in the sun.
  • Cover plants with netting when in fruit, otherwise you'll end up feeding the birds!
  • Pick over the plants several times as not all the fruit ripens at the same time.
  • Fruits can be left on the bush for a few more days after they turn blue for a more intense and complex flavour, when they'll also easily pull away from the cluster.
  • Although self-fertile and able to produce a good crop on their own, blueberries yield much more heavily if planted near another one.
  • Plant in well-drained, acidic soil in a sunny, sheltered spot.
  • If your garden soil has a pH over 5.5, your blueberry is best grown in a pot, in ericaceous soil. Keep it well-watered - don’t allow the soil to dry out.
  • Water blueberries with rainwater if you can as tap water will gradually raise pH levels.
  • Feed every month with a liquid fertiliser for ericaceous (lime-hating) plants.
  • If growing blueberries in the garden, add plenty of organic matter such as pine needles or composted conifer clippings. Avoid farmyard manure as it will scorch the roots.
  • Pruning is rarely needed in the first two years. After that prune in late Feb – early Mar, aiming to remove a proportion of old wood every year. Two year-old wood is the most productive.
  • Take out any damaged, dead, and diseased wood and prune out low branches that will lie on the ground when full of fruit.
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9cm Pot
Item: 310175
RRP £9.99
Deal Price £4.99
Save: £5.00 - 50%
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