Complete Edible Patio Garden - potatoes, blueberries & strawberries

Complete Edible Patio Garden - potatoes, blueberries & strawberries

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What Is Supplied

Here's everything you need to grow sumptuously juicy soft fruit and deliciously nutty potatoes - even if you have no garden!  This comprehensive kit gives you plants and planting tubers plus the containers to grow them in including our exclusive and innovative strawberry growing pods. You'll get fertiliser too so all you'll need to add is the compost - also available seperately, see below. With is kit 'grow your own' is so easy on the smallest patio or balcony so why not get started now!

Kit contains the following:

Strawberries: 8 Grow In Pods' an innovative modular system that is incredibly flexible, producing perfect results every time with the absolute minimum of effort. They're ready to use right out of the box. Plant up in stacks, against a wall or even surrounding a post. You'll also get 8 strawberry Buddy 'tray plants' a recently introduced evreberer variety. Plant one per pod for juicy sweet strawberries from June to October. Note that if you buy more than one of these kits the pods can be easily combined.

Blueberries. One 9cm plant each of early, midseason and later fruiting Blueberry varieties to give a heavy crop of tasty blueberries for a sweet treat every day without feeling guilty! Includes a quality meallic effect 18cm pot for each variety.

Potatoes. 6 tubers each of Swift - very early, Charlotte - sweet firm salad type and Desiree - fine flavoured maincrop for all round use in the kitchen. PLUS 3 x 45 litre Grow Pod bags, one for each variety. The easiest fastest way to grow sackfuls of tasty tates, you'll be lifting your first sweet new potatoes as soon as 8-9 weeks from planting.



What Is Supplied Supplied as a kit containing seed potatoes and Grow Pod bags, Strawberry plants and Grow In Pods and early mid and late Blueberry plants with pots. Ready for immediate planting. Fertiliser also supplied. Note - compot not supplied but available seperately on this site.
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