Long season cropping Rhubarb Livingstone
Long season cropping Rhubarb Livingstone

Long season cropping Rhubarb 'Livingstone'

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Everyone loves fresh Rhubarb in their garden, and it’s one of the easiest things to grow on a kitchen garden. But, it has one drawback – it throws masses of lovely succulent new stems in Spring for a Month, then that’s pretty much it…… feast and famine. That’s because all Rhubarb plants till now go dormant in Summer.

Now, we are pleased to introduce a very special British bred variety called ’Livingstone’ – which is a day-neutral variety so eliminates this Summer dormancy – this means it produces stems in Spring, but then keeps on going into Summer with bigger crops again in Autumn – giving a bountiful supply for 6 Months or more.

The flavour is good and sweet, and is a very easy to grow and long lasting plant – the crown wills lowly expand over many years producing more and more ‘stocks’ for you to harvest. One for the shopping list!

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Score Customer Comments
- Service rating : Have been very pleased with my purchases over a few years.
Product : I had previously bought Timperly Early Crowns which were enormous, but was shocked when Livingstone arrived as they looked so weak, but have now put them in bigger pots in the hope they will grow.
+ Service rating : About the best plants I've bought on line. Look out for them on Ideal World TV.
Product : Well packed and arrived quickly.
+ Very good service, highly recommended
- Service rating : Prompt service
Product : Very small and weak.
Garden Bargains Comments
Many of the plugs can vary in size, please know that this has no say in how they develop. We can assure you that they will thrive and make a beautiful display in your garden!

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
+ Service rating : Everything arrived on time and in excellent condition.
Product : One leaf had been partially eaten. Caterpillars? But quickly recovered and seems fine.
+ Service rating : Good service.
Product : Looks a healthy plant.
+ I ordered, they delivered, no problems., would certainly use again.
++ easy to use web site, great prices, excellent packaging, great plants potted up day after receiving looking good in their pots, it will be next year before we can see the results of the blueberries. My grandchildren boy 8 girl 7 have been given a blueberry bush each to look after
- Service rating : Dlelivery could have been quicker. But plants well watered and well packed
Product : Very small, I hope it plants ok
+ Service rating : Took a little while but was informed as to why the order was delayed, so did not need to worry too much.
Product : Again, smaller than expected, but seem healthy. Will be back if no good.
- Service rating : Plant did arrive in the end
Product : Though was getting a bigger plant for what I paid
++ I always find their service excellent
-- Service rating : Delivery longer then forecast
Product : Has still not arrived even after getting text to say on way
++ Service rating : I have been a customer for many years. I was a member of the club. I have every confidence in anything I purchase from you. Every plant has been healthy and grown on wonderfully. I will only buy my plants from you whether it is direct or via Ideal World. Your packaging is second to none. You are the best company for plants, best for packaging and best on delivery. I wish you sold a money plant so I could buy everything, your choice of unusual plants is amazing and I am always wanting more when I watch you on Ideal World.
Product : Thought they would be larger, so I don't expect to be picking Rhubarb this year.
They are growing on. Arrived healthy in moist compost. Well packaged.
- Service rating : The service was ok
Product : The plants were not of very good quality at all
Garden Bargains Comments
Sorry to hear that you aren't happy with your plant. We can replace it if it doesn't pick up.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Nothing seems to be too much trouble for them, I lost track of my membership and forgot to renew it but they still dealt with my order at maximum speed.
Product : Too early to tell, they have barely bedded in.
-- Service rating : really poor communication, delivery was over a month in spite of ringing and emails
Product : 1st delivery arrived dead, replacement was swift with a healthy plant.
Garden Bargains Comments
I am sorry that you are unhappy with the wait, however the reason for this was that your credit card failed authorisation and you didn't reply to our letter. Once you called us to resolve, we dispatched within 3 days.

Strawberries are perennials and as such don't look too pretty in early spring - they should pick up fine with proper care... Let us know if not.

Head of Customer Service
-- Service rating : I have to say bad this time as item was knot very good ! Otherwise GardenBargains is usually OK !
Product : Looks very sick may knot service , the worst plant that I've had so far ! Looks like a wast of money !
Garden Bargains Comments
Sorry that you're not very happy with this - can you send a photo please? They're a little small now, however they grow fast and it should be fine in a couple of weeks.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : good choice of plants at reasonable prices.
Product : plant is alive and should grow well
What Is Supplied Supplied as a small plant in 9cm pot, to plant in Spring for harvesting one year later.
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