Black Mulberry - Morus nigra

Black Mulberry - Morus nigra

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Although a native of SW Asia the Black Mulberry has been a feature of British gardens and parkland for centuries. It'll make a splendid addition to your own garden, eventually forming a medium sized spreading tree but can also be trained against a wall, either way it like a sunny spot. It can also be grown in a large pot for a dozen years or more before it needs planting out.

The mulberry is a handsome plant even when quite small, bearing heart shaped deep green glossy leaves which turn to a golden yellow through autumn. Once the tree reaches four or five years you can expect the first crops of juicy succulent mulberries which are delicious and well worth the wait, growing your own is usually the only way to experience this delicious tart berry which is enshrined in folklore as they are rarely if ever seen in the shops.  Berries are best harvested when really ripe when they can be shaken from the tree onto a sheet on the ground. Mulberries make sumptuous jam and pies.

Gentle pruning is only necessary to maintain a good shape and this should be done in winter when the tree is dormant.

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+ God, replaced the Elodie bulbs quickly
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-- Service rating : web site clear and easy to navigate, decent selection of products at competitive prices with a good selection of special offers, purchasing products uncomplicated and straightforward, overall a good professional company to deal with.
Product : product arrived in a very poor condition, the main stem of the plant/tree had been damaged, bent over and broken approx. 6in from the tip thus preventing it to grow in height, also as a bare rooted plant it should have been securely root wrapped to preserve moisture during delivery unfortunately it wasn't and arrived with brittle and bone dry roots, would not purchase again.
++ Service rating : Arrived when you said they would
Product : All three have taken and are putting on leaf so very good value
++ Service rating : The plant arrived in good condition
Product : The plant was as I ordered and is growing well
++ Service rating : Quality plants and accessories, but as important I have found customer service is excellent.
Product : Excellent quality, larger than the web-site info, but good surprise.
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