Pomegranate Wonderful standard tree

Pomegranate 'Wonderful' standard tree

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It would be easy to ignore Pomegranates as a fruit that can be grown in the UK, but you would be wrong. Yes, they need hot summers and warm spots, but will crop here, and in any case produce spectacular ornate flower dispalys in Summer, so have good ornamental value. They are pretty hardy in UK (-7-10C), they just need those long hot summers we all look forward to to maximise fruit yields. 

We have teamed up with the largest comemrcial Pomegranate tree grower in Spain, to provide these top quality trees that they would supply to farmers planting pomegranate orchards. They produce a slow growing tree with good shape, ready to bear fruit in 2 years or so. The variety 'Wonderful' is one of the best new varieties for combined flowering and fruiting and is the staple of the Pomegranate juicing industry, renowened for it's vitamins and health benefits.

We suggest growing in a large pot, in well-drained compost, so you can move it into protection in Winter, not to protect from frost, but to get it growing as soon as possible in Spring. Outdoors they are very late back into leaf, so you lose valuable growing season time. They will produce their dark orange to red flowers in July, and then set and produce small reddish irange fruits, which need to be left on the tree as long as psosible in Autumn to ripen.

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++ Service rating : Well packaged item - prompt delivery - many thanks
Product : Healthy plant although I think it will be a couple of years before seeing a pomegranate!
+ Service rating : Mixed feedback could be better
Product : I cant really give feedback about this tree since I don't know what they look like healthy. It is not dead and that is good
Garden Bargains Comments
Firstly, thank you for your recent order with us. I am ever so sorry to hear that you believe your strawberries may be dead. Are you able to provide us with some images of what you have received please? I shall ensure we look into this for you

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : I've only started using this company this year and so far I can't fault them. Good product, good price and a good service. Thus my excellent rating.
Product : Arrived quickly and in very good order. I've planted them in pots and they are thriving. I'm a very pleased customer, thanks!
++ Service rating : Excellent service.
Product : It is truly wonderful
++ Service rating : Received earlier than expected. Happy with that.
Product : Looking healthy, re-potted straight away.
++ Service rating : Excellent service 5 star.
Product : Lovely tree.
+ Order not dispatched a long time after the last date estimated; no communication around this until I contacted them. An email then tried to explain it as a problem in its transit but no email had been sent to say it had been dispatched so, an excuse really. I must say that as soon as I contacted them the rectification and service was excellent.
++ Service rating : First plant was not healthy at all, but when I contacted C.S. they immediately sent a replacement.
Product : The replacement plant is very healthy, well branched and is now starting to grow new shoots.
+ Service rating : very happy with there service
Product : not really bushy bout good tree
+ Service rating : Goods arrived fairly promptly and in good order.
Product : It's going to be a while before it fruits!
++ Service rating : A quick and easy site to use.
Product : It arrived in excellent condition and I await some fruits next year.
What Is Supplied Supplied as a 70-80cm tall tree in a 1L pot, with 40cm+ clear stem, to plant out in Spring and Summer. Deciduous, so supplied without leaves in Winter. It is very late back into leaf - mid to late May is quite common - it is just playing dead!
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