Donut Flat Peach (Prunus persica platycarpa). 1.4m bare root tree.

'Donut' Flat Peach

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Donut or Flat Peaches are increasingly seen in the shops these days so you may have already sampled their incredible, sweet taste. Now you can grow your own and pick this delicious fruit within reach of your own back door.  These trees are incredibly hardy and will easily withstand the harshest winter before bursting into beautiful deep pink blossom in spring.

The unique flattened peach fruits are borne in small clusters and ripen in late summer.  They're luscious eaten warm straight from the tree and because of their shape you'll find then much easier to munch than round peaches - children in particular just love them.

These bare root trees are self fertile and perfect too for planting in patio pots - they are easier to care for grown like this. Like other peaches, 'Donuts' benefit from shelter from winter rains which can spread leaf curl disease and moving the pot to a greenhouse or lean to is much easier when potted.

What Is Supplied Supplied as a 1.4m bare root tree. Plant as soon as possible. Keep roots cool and moist if planting delayed.
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