Duo Fruit Tree - Pear Conference & Concorde

Duo Fruit Tree - Pear Conference & Concorde

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Pear Conference & Concorde Duo Tree - Now everyone can grow fruit trees in the minimum of space! These incredible duo fruit trees have been meticulously grafted by highly skilled nurserymen, to create 2 different trees growing on one rootstock! What's more, the rootstocks are dwarfing meaning that your trees will always remain compact! You will get 2 different varieties of fruit from 1 tree so are perfect for anyone who loves the idea of picking their own home-grown fresh fruit, but has limited space. Each of the varieties will produce bumper crops of delicious full sized fruit! Because they are already trained into a V shape, they are perfect for growing up a wall. 

Conference Pear This produces a large crop of fruits with clear white flesh that are ready to pick each September. The long, tapering fruits are packed with an irresistible sweetness and lip-smacking juice that will drip from your chin when you bite into a ripe one! Because of its outstanding flavour, it remains the most popular pear grown in Britain by a long measure both in commercial orchards and home gardens. It is perfect for you to grow because it is very heavy cropping and when picked unripe, is great for keeping for 2 or more months. Crops: September-October

Concorde Pear This scrumptious pear variety produces large crops of elegant, tapering fruits with white flesh that are ready to pick from September each year. Each one is packed with an incredibly sweet, irresistible juice you wont be able to stop yourself eating them straight from the tree! Try to save some for later though as they will make wonderful desserts for your Christmas parties! Concorde is perfect for gardeners to grow because it is very heavy cropping and will keep for over two months when picked unripe. Crops: September-October

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
+ Service rating : Mistake made but correct easily and very quickly by company.
Product : Nothing growing yet but they look in good condition.
NA Service rating : Tree arrived when they said it would.
Product : Difficult to rate this this early but leaves were all shrivelled when it arrived. Followed planting instructions carefully so hopefully it will survive
-- Service rating : Box looked like it had been used as a football
Product : It's just a dead stick
++ Service rating : Good
Product : Pear tree excellent, so good that I recently ordered a set of 4 various fruit trees, only to be now told they are unavailable, I find this very poor service as on the web site they were clearly available. Very disappointed and not at all happy. Very poor on this occasion
++ Service rating : Excellent service would strongly recommend this company.
Product : Never heard of duo fruit tree before so thought I'd give it a go
++ Service rating : Very good web page.
Product : Trying this for the first time,very hopeful.
+ Service rating : never lat me down.
Product : It is too early to rate as they are trees and have only recently arrived - They appear ok.
++ Service rating : arrived within 2 days, very good packaging
Product : brilliant idea to get 2 different pears on 1 tree
++ Service rating : Prompt service, I was kept informed as to when to expect my order.
Product : Good trees, nice hight, roots not too dry.
+ Service rating : had a problem sent wrong tree was dealt with immediately
Product : seems ok but have to wait a few more weeks to see if any buds appear
+ Service rating : Speedy service, trees appear good.
Product : Looks good, nice and compact. Just planted so will have to wait until fruiting for proper judgement.
++ Service rating : Very fast delivery excellent service products well packed
Product : Good quality plant no damage
++ Service rating : Very good. Products arrive on time or before
Product : Nicely packed
+ Service rating : A1A1
Product : A1
+ Service rating : Well packed
Product : Bare root tree lookes to be OK at this stage but proof will be in the spring
The corrier did not consider what he was handling, the pack being place upside down in spite of the package being clearly marked. Could be disaster with any other type if plant or tree.
++ Service rating : Good variety of plants and good prices
Product : Good way of getting two trees
- Service rating : The plants in question arrived safely and within promised time frame
Product : The Duo fruit Pear tree did not survive
Garden Bargains Comments
I am sorry to hear that two of the trees aren't thriving. There are a huge number of factors outside our control that could have affected its growth in the months since you received it, however we're happy to replace under our Lifetime Guarantee.

Head of Customer Service
- Awful service
Will never buy from here again
Garden Bargains Comments
I am sorry to hear that you aren't happy. Can you email me with details please?
- Service rating : Delivery took 5-6 days not 3 as stated in advertising material in order to arrive in nursery fresh condition. Trees were dead and plants has dried out, also squashed and gone yellow. A refund was given after contacting the company and providing photos of dead items.
Product : Tree roots were in plastic bags which had been torn by roots sticking through and the leaves and buds had died, tree showed no signs of life even after leaving in water to try and revive it.
+ Garden Bargains fine, but delivery firm Yodel rubbish!
+ Service rating : Very good service
Product : As above
NA Service rating : delivery was quick and every thing is in good condition and good prices
Product : have planted tree just waiting for growth until then can't give a positive or negative rating
++ Just a tad too long on delivering but with more updates and when etc could stop the worry of if they've gone astray or something :)
++ Service rating : Easy ordering quick delivery
Product : Great idea don't know if one will outgrow the other
++ excellent service
++ Service rating : Well informed and spot on service, information on how to look after them is very informative
Product : Experimental and clever thinking I just hope they grow as good as the pictures
- Service rating : Both trees are - still as bear sticks- no leaf showing as yet,- Waste of money.
Product : waste of money,- dead sticks. NO LIFE.
Garden Bargains Comments
Sorry to hear that you are unhappy, however this is completely normal at this time of year and especially as you've only just planted them! Please perform the bark test we have sent you - this should show you that they're alive and well.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Service was excellent had wron g product in box rang customer service and they most helpful told me to keep product send right product
Product : In very good condition
++ Service rating : could not get better
Product : real top rang trees you wont get better for your money
++ Service rating : Good communication from receipt of order to expected delivery. Good packaging.
Product : Good instructions on planting and managing. Healthy looking plant.
++ Excellent service many thanks
NA Very well packaged and delivered as per instructions.
Can't comment on the trees and plants as they have only been in the ground for two weeks.
++ Service rating : Good packaging.
Product : Nice example
++ Service rating : Just diapointed when half the order was wrong but was quickly rectified so I was happy with the quick service response
Product : Unusual trees very happy came in good healthy state
+ Service rating : excellent service and good pricing
Product : good size and root stock
++ Service rating : The sales team were very helpful
Product : Well packed and in very good condition
++ Service rating : Had a small problem with my delivery but sent an email to the Customer Services Department and received a prompt reply, which was very reassuring. This was rather important as I am using the company for the first time. All the plants are doing very well in the ground, although it is early days at the moment. The items were all well packed, as described in the catalogue and received in good order and promptly. I will definitely be using this company again.
Product : It's in the ground and appears to be flourishing even in these early days. The information received with the tree was very helpful. Looking forward to a good crop of pears next year.
++ Service rating : Usual excellent service from a reputable company
Product : Excellent condition as always
++ Service rating : Ordered two combined grafted trees one apple and combined cooker and the second with combined pear. The trees arrived promptly and neatly packed, whilst still allowing air flow to the product. Thanks and I look forward to the fruits of my purchase.
Product : Love pears as there is so much you can do with them. I am looking forward to them producing fruit.
++ Service rating : excellent service
Product : very good value
What Is Supplied Supplied as grower-quality bare-root duo fruit tree with two varieties grafted on to dwarfing rootstocks: Pear Conference & Concorde Height/Spread: No more than 2.5m (8ft) x 3.5m (12ft) Plant: November-May
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