Duo Fruit Tree - Apple Bramley & Braeburn

Duo Fruit Tree - Apple Bramley & Braeburn

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Apple Braeburn & Bramley Duo Tree - Now everyone can grow fruit trees in the minimum of space! These incredible duo fruit trees have been meticulously grafted by highly skilled nurserymen, to create 2 different trees growing on one rootstock! What's more, the rootstocks are dwarfing meaning that your trees will always remain compact! You will get 2 different varieties of fruit from 1 tree so are perfect for anyone who loves the idea of picking their own home-grown fresh fruit, but has limited space. Each of the varieties will produce bumper crops of delicious full sized fruit! Because they are already trained into a V shape, they are perfect for growing up a wall.

Braeburn Apple The UK's most popular eating apple variety by far and will easily grow and flourish superbly in your garden! The crisp and juicy white-fleshed fruits have what is considered by most to be the perfect sweet/tangy flavour balance, literally providing a flavour explosion with every mouthful! The gorgeous fruit will be ready to pick fresh from your tree by mid-October each season and will store well until the end of January if kept chilled but frost free. Crops: October.

Bramley Apple  Considered The King Of Cooking Apples by respected chefs and professional fruit growers, it is the worlds best known and favourite cooking apple, standing the test of time through over 200 years! It is considered supreme because its fruits have the perfect acidic flavour required for use in the kitchen and the almost pure-white flesh becomes incredibly light and fluffy when cooked. Bramley is an incredibly heavy cropper once established with high quality fruits that will store through the winter months pick them in early October (before they get over-ripe) and store cold but frost free for use until January. Crops: October

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Score Customer Comments
-- Service rating : everything poorly packed and badly transported
Product : branches on trees broken. fuschias frost damaged Nd broken
++ Service rating : Good
Product : Good
+ Service rating : Yes ok so far
Product : Really good idea still waiting for the tree to start budding as not had the tree long
+ Service rating : Speedy delivery. Plants well protected and very helpful driver.
Product : Young leaves now appearing and it seems very happy. There were a couple of young branches which were crossing other stems so I've removed those. I would have liked each individual tree graft to be named - I'll have to wait to see which is which when fruiting. Look forward to it !
++ Service rating : good and quick service
Product : a bargain
+ Service rating : No comment
Product : Too early to comment
++ Service rating : Good variety of plants and good prices
Product : Good way of getting two trees
- Service rating : The plants in question arrived safely and within promised time frame
Product : The Duo fruit apple tree did not survive
Garden Bargains Comments
I am sorry to hear that two of the trees aren't thriving. There are a huge number of factors outside our control that could have affected its growth in the months since you received it, however we're happy to replace under our Lifetime Guarantee.

Head of Customer Service
- Awful service
Will never buy from here again
Garden Bargains Comments
I am sorry to hear that you aren't happy. Can you email me with details please?
-- Service rating : Extremely disappointed with product
Product : Extremely disappointed with product
Garden Bargains Comments
Sorry to hear that you are not happy with this product. Can you email me with some details please, so I may investigate for you?
- Service rating : Delivery took 5-6 days not 3 as stated in advertising material in order to arrive in nursery fresh condition. Trees were dead and plants has dried out, also squashed and gone yellow. A refund was given after contacting the company and providing photos of dead items.
Product : Tree roots were in plastic bags which had been torn by roots sticking through and the leaves and buds had died, tree showed no signs of life even after leaving in water to try and revive it.
+ Garden Bargains fine, but delivery firm Yodel rubbish!
+ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Packed well very good
NA Service rating : Swift delivery, well packaged so no damage, trees appear to be OK.
I have planted them but as they are still dormant I can't comment on their appearance when in full leaf nor can I comment on the flavour of the fruit. I would gladly leave a comment later if asked.
No hassle purchase which is how I like it.
Product : Just received them so cant really comment.
It arrived in good order, bare rooted and is about 3 to 4 feet tall.
NA Service rating : I await delivery ,so no comment.
Product : As above
Garden Bargains Comments
According to the tracking this has now been delivered. Please confirm safe receipt.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Just a tad too long on delivering but with more updates and when etc could stop the worry of if they've gone astray or something :)
Product : They look fantastic. Can't get them into the ground yet - still digging it up, but the weather has been against us anyway so it should work out good.
++ Service rating : Easy ordering quick delivery
Product : Great trees already in leaf
++ excellent service
NA Well informed and spot on service, information on how to look after them is very informative
- Service rating : Both trees are - still as bear sticks- no leaf showing as yet,- Waste of money.
Product : Waste of money - dry sticks. NO LIFE.
Garden Bargains Comments
Sorry to hear that you are unhappy, however this is completely normal at this time of year and especially as you've only just planted them! Please perform the bark test we have sent you - this should show you that they're alive and well.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Service was excellent had wron g product in box rang customer service and they most helpful told me to keep product send right product
Product : In very good condition
++ Service rating : could not get better
Product : real top rang trees you wont get better for your money
NA Service rating : Not received them yet
Product : Not received them
Garden Bargains Comments
Very sorry, this was lost in transit. I have arranged a replacement.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Good communication from receipt of order to expected delivery. Good packaging.
Product : Good instructions on planting and managing. Healthy looking plant.
NA Service rating : delivery excellent
Product : planted only
++ Excellent service many thanks
NA Service rating : Kept informed of delivery progress right up to delivery. Well done!
Trees were packed secure and protected
Product : The trees have just been put into large pots to enable development
The second graft is quite small and might not develop into a balanced tree
+ Service rating : excellent sevice
Product : good size and rootstock
++ Service rating : The sales team were very helpful
Product : Well packed and in very good condition
++ Service rating : Always prompt despatch of items and well packed.
Product : In really excellent condition. Can't wait for them to start growing.
++ Service rating : Plants arrived promptly and well packed.Very good service.
Product : Very healthy and sturdy plant.It has been planted up and is starting to bud.
++ Service rating : Very good service, we were pleased with the size of the trees. Delivery was excellent, well packaged.
Product : We have planted out in the garden after following your instructions.
++ Service rating : fast delivery
Product : looked very healthy, good roots
++ Service rating : Very prompt and efficient
Product : Just what I ordered
Garden Bargains Comments
Great to hear - thanks!

Head of Customer Service
+ proimpt
++ Service rating : Good price
Product : Very pleased with the tree
++ Service rating : Regular emailing's with current offers etc.
Product : Arrived quickly and packed securely, two excellent apple varieties on one tree.
- Service rating : Very reliable
Product : The trees are fine but the packing was not the box was damaged and trees falling out could be better
NA Service rating : it was good
Product : will not know until a few months time when I see how they grow
+ Service rating : My order arrived beautifully packed with clear instructions for planting and care
Product : I like the look of this duo tree, but do not have quite know how the two varieties will compete and crop, ask me again in two years time!
What Is Supplied Supplied as grower-quality bare-root duo fruit tree with two varieties grafted on to dwarfing rootstocks: Apple Braeburn & Bramley Height/Spread: No more than 2.5m (8ft) x 3.5m (12ft) Plant: November-May
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