James Grieve Apple Tree

'James Grieve' Apple Tree

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James Grieve is an absolutely incredible variety that is perfect for gardeners!

If you pick the elegant, red and green, satin-sheened fruit in early to mid-September, they are refreshingly acidic, sharp, and perfect for cooking scrummy apple crumbles and pies! However, if your wait a few weeks longer, the delicious flavour mellows, becoming mild, sweet and truly excellent picked straight from the tree! The soft flesh is literally packed with juice and glistens tantalisingly when you bite into it if you can resist eating your whole crop they make truly incredible juice!

What Is Supplied Supplied as a 1.2M tall, grower quality, multi-branched tree in 5L pot. Grown on dwarfing M26 rootstock. Will grow to approx. 2.5-3.5m (8-12ft) in 10 years. Fully winter hardy.
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