Hanging Basket Biscuits - 24 Pack

Hanging Basket Biscuits - 24 Pack

24 Pack - Item: 200346
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What Is Supplied

A brand new innovation for gardeners, these new Hanging Basket Biscuits make gardening even easier!

This is the first time ever that an easy solution for using beneficial microbes has been available for hanging baskets or tubs and combined with fertiliser and water retaining gel, it comes ready in one simple to use 'biscuit'.

Created by the clever scientists that have pioneered Rootgrow, these 'biscuits' are formed from compressed coir fibre, which binds in both beneficial biological microbes and a balanced slow release fertiliser, resulting in the perfect combination of nutrients to kick start all hanging baskets, planters, tubs and window boxes.

Inserted at planting, when watered each biscuits swells to 5 times its size and the beneficial microbes will start to grow, bringing the compost to life and adding all the benefits of the natural good microbes in the soil to the confines of a basket or tub. At the same time, the fertiliser is slowly released over several months, to give the perfect start to your plants.

In addition, the water retaining crystals help prevent the compost from drying out by binding water in, reducing the amount of time and effort watering in summer.

To use, half fill your basket or planter with compost, insert a biscuit and cover with a little more compost and plant as normal. Recommended doses are:
Single pot to 3 litres (c. 15cm or 6' diameter) - 1 biscuit
Small baskets and pots to 7 litres (22cm or 9') diameter - 2 biscuits
Medium baskets and pots to 15 litres (30cm or 12' diamater - 3 biscuits
Large baskets and planters > 15 litres (35cm or 14'+ diameter) - 4 biscuits

What Is Supplied Supplied as a pair of re-sealable pouches containing 24 coir fibre biscuits.
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