Pair of 25cm Buxus Balls with Gold Tapered Planters

Pair of 25cm Buxus Balls with Gold Tapered Planters

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2 x 25cm Balls with 2 x 10' Planters - Item: 200324
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It's hard to beat the sleek and simple lines of well-trimmed quality Buxus balls, adding a smart and modern, yet classic look to any garden.

Whether dressing either side of a classic porch or in minimalist decking gardens it's hard to think of another easy to grow, yet versatile, plant as god as Box. Totally hardy, you can even leave them out all year-long - they look great covered in snow too!

Grown slowly over 4 years, regularly trimmed 2 or 3 times a year to get the fabulous razor-sharp ball shape, they are super-green and fresh, and the centres have none of the brown middle die-back cheaper Box can suffer from.

Supplied with a pair of contemporary, gold finished planters, once planted up in the tall pots they’ll elevate the box balls, adding height and elegance to your patio and garden. Made from UV resistant plastic, these pots are sun and frost resistant, so will last year after year!

What Is Supplied Supplied as pair of 22-25cm diameter, multi-trimmed 4 year old Box balls, in decorative terraplastic planters. Top tip: to avoid the ever increasing Box blight, avoid, cool, wet, damp, shady conditions - grow in sunny, draughty spots, and water the soil in the pot and not the foliage where possible. Also supplied with a pair of 10inch diameter tall black and gold tapered planters.
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