Complete Patio Bedding Collection with Planters & Fertiliser

Complete Patio Bedding Collection with Planters & Fertiliser

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Complete Patio Bedding Collection - Item: 200234
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This collection of our best-selling bedding plants is perfect for patio pots and hanging baskets as these trailing varieties will smother their container and fall over the edge like beautiful floral waterfalls!

With a mix of flower shapes, sizes and colours, this collection gives you everything you need to create show-stopping displays in your own garden!

What’s more, we’ve included the pots – and fertiliser- for you…a complete collection!

- Jumbo Trailing Fuchsias are an absolute must for every summer flowering display with their giant show-stopping flowers!
- 'Surfinia' Petunia has been the Number 1 Summer flowering trailing Petunia for over a decade now, such is its ability to produce an unending display of incredible colour from May until October, flowering all along its trailing stems!
- Our fragrant Begonia’s are a must in any summer garden! A World First, these truly fragrant Begonias will create a summer long display of gorgeous large blooms, each colour a different scent! Flower power and gorgeous soft scent all wrapped in one sensational flower.

Plant them in hanging baskets, tubs and planters where they can tumble down over the side, they thrive in hot and dry, or wet and windy Summers - one of the main reasons behind their success.

Also included in this complete collection is a set of 4 Wicker Effect Black & Gold Planters and a 50g sachet of our Finest Fertiliser to give you all you need to get your flowers off to the best start.

What Is Supplied Supplied as a collection of 36 Jumbo Plug Plants (approx. 2.5-3.5cm diameter rootballs) including the following;
12 x Jumbo American Fuchsias
12 x Surfinia Trailing Petunias
12 x Fragrant Begonia ‘Heaven Scent’
Also included is a set of 4 13” diameter, Wicker Effect Black and Gold Planters and a 50g sachet of McDermott’s Finest Fertiliser for flowers.
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