Set of 4 Bold & Bright Planters

Set of 4 Bold & Bright Planters

Set of 4 Pots - Item: 130139
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What Is Supplied

If you want to create a WOW in your garden, these lovely bold and bright plastic planters are just the ticket to set off sizzling seasonal summer bedding displays on the patio or decking. 

A mix of 4 zingy starburst colours (Opal Fruits if you are a certain age!),  you get one each of the 4 colours shown.

Perfect for spring bulbs, bedding, small shrubs and flowers, there's plenty of choice!

Dimensions - 28cm (11') diamater, and 20cm (8') tall
Volume of Compost (per pot) - 6.5 Litres 

What Is Supplied Bold coloured plastic planters, long lasting and both UV and frost stable, re-usable for many years. One of each colour; Lavender, Celery, Pink and Orange.
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