Pair of Plantopia Easy Fill Basket Watering Fountains.

Pair of Plantopia Easy Fill Basket Watering Fountains.

Pair of Plantopia Easy Fill Basket Watering Fountains. - Item: 130082
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The amazing new Easy Fill Basket Watering Fountain Kit solves a problem many of us experienced in last Summer's heat wave - getting and keeping enough water where it is needed in your hanging baskets.

It is the latest innovation by Plantopia - who invented the best-selling Easy Fill Hanging Baskets - this clever device takes water to the heart of the basket, slowly releasing it where it is needed in the root zone, through small holes that drop water out.

Designed to specially clip fit onto the bottom of 12' and 15' Easy Fill baskets, they will also do the same job on traditional wire mesh, rattan or other baskets, and even larger pots and containers too. The flared funnel end sits neatly and unobtrusively on the edge of the basket, making it easy to fill with a hose or watering can, quickly getting feed and water to the inside of the basket - hard to reach when watering from above. Saves you time and water too!

A great value, Great British invention that every proud hanging basket grower should have. Sure to win Gardening Awards this season.

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NA Service rating : The product arrived promptly and was well packed.
Product : They should be fine.
NA Service rating : Excellent products,excellent service.
Product : Not used them yet but look promising.
++ Service rating : Bought from Garden Bargains before and shall continue , good service.
Product : Haven't used the system as yet but it will be interesting to find out if it really works ,as I have been very disappointed in other watering systems from various suppliers I bought in the past.
NA quick service but would like to know that goods have been despatched
nyt Everything arrived in time, although one of the strawberry plants was very small and is now dead, however I am expecting a replacement today.
Perhaps the dispatch staff could have prevented this by being more aware of what they were packing as one plant was so much smaller than the other 23.
++ Service rating : Had a lot of bother with trailing begonia plants this year, but staff were very helpful and gave me a full refund for plants without any fuss at all. Thank you.
Product : Do their job perfectly.
+ Quick delivery.
++ Very helpful ordering by tel. and prompt delivery of very good kit of tower pot and plants - we hope the offer my be available in the future. We are also grateful to have located a source for the watering kit for hanging baskets.
++ Very speedy service
- Service rating : Fairly quick service.
Product : Don't fit very well and take up a lot of room.
+ Service rating : Very good, quick delivery
Product : I have not used them yet, but i hope they will save me alot of water.
+ Service rating : Good as always
Product : Not used yet
++ After the mishap of having no Plantopia Basket Fountain Watering kit, which i am still waiting for but should be with me shortly, i think they are very good.
NA I have no complaints about garden bargains I find the service is excellent very good qkeep up the good

garden bargains is a excellent site to buy everything for you're garden and more
excellent service for ordering very helpful and quick delivery service
I personally think if you are buying a lot you're company give discount over a certain amount spent like a 10 per cent thank you for for you're service

ouality and very good delivery I have lots of things from you're site
++ Service rating : very pleased with their service
Product : great for getting water to allthe plants in the basket
++ Service rating : ok
Product : OK should work well
++ Service rating : Great company to buy from, products great and communication excellent... Packaging very good....
Product : First time I have bought these, they look great I haven't used them yet but I am sure they will do the job perfectly..
+ It seemed as if you had done a good job of how the plants were packed, but the postal system didn't quite work
++ Service rating : easy to deal with
Product : what i was looking for.
++ good
++ Service rating : very pleased
Product : just the job,very pleased
What Is Supplied Supplied as a pair of black injection moulded recycled plastic Water Fountains, c. 30cm long, re-usable many times.
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