Mushroom Compost

Mushroom Compost

60L bag - Item: 100060
Only £8.99
What Is Supplied

If you’re working with heavy soils, you know how hard it can be to create that dream garden. Mushroom compost improves the condition of your top soil and is a highly effective soil conditioner for improving structure in heavy clay soils and adding humus to sandy and chalky soils. Dont waste peat or more expensive products!

Mushroom compost is ideal for increasing the fertility of your garden soil. It is weed, pesticide and disease free.The mushroom is a choosy feeder and after cultivation a high level of nutrient remains in the compost which is available to green plants.

Mushroom compost is made from wheat straw, horse and poultry manure which are mixed and composted together. Once used, is it sterilised by the mushroom grower, and then bagged.

Note - the 6-L bag weighs 20-25Kg, so a heavy product surcharge of £5.99 applies per bag, and each bag is shipped in separate box.

What Is Supplied 60L XXL bag - warning this bag is heavy at 22-25Kg. If more than one bag ordered there will a £5.99 per bag extra shipping charge.
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