Premium Professional Compost 80L

Premium Professional Compost 80L

Top quality ingredients and pH balanced for optimum growing conditions.
80L Bag - Item: 100006
Only £9.99
40L Bag - Item: (100053)
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What Is Supplied

Simply the best compost available to the gardener today!

This is a bespoke professional mix made to our exacting recipe from one of Europe's leading blenders. It contains 20% composted wood fibre, to open the mix up and get air in to the roots, and a precise blend of 3 different grades of peats to balance drainage and water holding. With added Lime, it is pH balanced to give the optimum growing conditions and with starter fertiliser and a wetting agent, to ensure even water distribution in pots and container, it will get your plants off to a head-start.

On top of that it contains a 6 Month Controlled Release Fertiliser - meaning whatever you grow will get a slow and steady stream of nutrients for 6 Months.

Each bag contains a whopping 80 litres of compost when packed, which is enough to plant 6 of our larger Easy Fill hanging baskets, or our large 30cm diameter planters,

Under no circumstances should this compost be confused with cheap bags of low-grade black peats at DIY stores - you will feel the light and fluffy difference yourself, and notice the difference in plant growth quickly. Perfect for pots, baskets and planters for growing any plants.

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
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++ Service rating : Very good
Product : Very good
++ Service rating : Plants arrived safe and in good condition happy with them so far
Product : Best compost I have used, I have even re-potted some plants into this with much better results.
++ Service rating : Great bargains good service prompt delivery.
Product : Very good product will buy more.
++ Service rating : Garden Bargins are a great company,there helpful and there plants are very good and strong
Product : The compost is great ,i have never had plants grow so much
++ Service rating : very good in all there things
Product : Very good compost will always buy this
+ Delivery takes to long
++ Service rating : Great delivery and service
Product : The best compost I have used recommend and will always use
NA as a new custermer i am disgusted by your custermer satisfaction.havig placed an order back in may i am still waiting delivery,on ringing youbservice department i was told my order was suspended owing to me having underpaidthe sum of £17,when in fact i had overpaid by £3.but i had recieved no email to this
++ Service rating : Excellent
Product : Excellent
+ Service rating : Far far to long to receive order have got stuff from abroad faster had to phone to fined out what was happening with my order and was told it had not been processed yet SAD
Product : it seems to be working well Unlike Garden Bargains
+ Service rating : Good service, quickly delivered in the time it said
Product : Good compost, plants grow great, would recommend it to anyone
NA very quick delivery
++ Service rating : All good. Only problem I have is that you have to pay postage for each item!! There isn't one flat rate postage. It's ridiculous.
Product : Lovely compost. I always get this. Plants seem to do exceedingly well.
++ took 9 days to deliver
++ Service rating : Plants are good but they do suffer with the time scale of delivery. Not quick enough and held in depot for EDD.
Product : Have only started using this year plants appear to thrive. Waters well without running off and very clean when using.
++ Service rating : Always excellent great quality choice service price !
Product : Best compost I've ever come across in a league of its own !
++ Service rating : Prompt service. Very happy
Product : excellent product thank you
++ Service rating : Very good overall, one or two bad things,but if I was to rate garden bargains it would be 98% when ordered through idealworld TV but if you go direct to them its 100%
Product : Best I have ever used,would not use anything else..
++ Service rating : Delivery is pretty slow for certain items but a great range to choose from, all your garden needs are accounted for.
Product : Great compost. Well packaged. Will be buying some more soon.
++ Service rating : product took many days to arrive, which is not normal, had to email customer services, arrived promptly soon after.
Product : This compost is excellent.
++ Service rating : Good product, good price.
Product : Really good price.
++ Service rating : Easy to use site and to order
Product : Seems good hope for good results
++ Service rating : Brilliant products and speedy delivery. I will buy from here again
Product : Excellent product and service. I will definitely be using this company again.
++ Service rating : I use this company all the time and have never had bad service..Very happy customer
Product : This is the best compost you can get and I have 3 bags ready and waiting for the rest of my plants and bulbs. It is light and fluffy and is a joy to work with ..I couldn't ask for more..thank you
++ Service rating : Prompt delivery
Product : Very good compost for hanging basket
++ Service rating : The cost of delivery was something I'd take into account in the future, before ordering.
Product : We have used the compost previously to produce very good results.
++ Service rating : A quality product from a quality seller.
Product : Love it! Top quality and great to use .
NA Service rating : Service was excellent arrived two days early
Product : Plants received in first class condition and thriving well
Compost and other additives will be used later in april
+ Service rating : At this moment the only thing I can say is the items that I have purchased are pretty good but they have been slow sometimes on delivery
Product : The plants have been in fairly good diction so far I have no complaints on your Variety of items as well as The compost which I have found pretty good so far
+ Service rating : The online connection is pretty good I cannot give you anything higher because I believe there can be someone or something better out there
Product : I have already commented on this item
NA Service rating : first bag of compost didn't arrive, had to re-order the second bag came after two days
Product : haven't used it yet as it has just arrived
++ Service rating : this was a replacement bag for one that was split it arrived with in 2 days of the phone call
Product : have used many times with good results
nyt I have been pleased with the plants, but the state in which they arrive is not good at times.
++ Service rating : overall the service is good and
they were very helpful when I asked a question
Product : first class
NA Service rating : Where's my compost?
Product : It didn't arrive with other products....Where is it??
Garden Bargains Comments
Good Morning, I have tracked your order and I can see that it was delivered to you on 29th September.

We kindly ask that you check around your property for this and if you are still unable to locate it we promise to issue you with a replacement.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
NA Service rating : Brilliant service. Goods arrived well packaged and within the given time frame.
Product : I haven't as yet used this product. It was bought specifically to plant up some spring bubs, so will be used within the next month.
nyt Everything arrived on time and in excellent condition.
++ Service rating : Excellent!! Really pleased
Product : I have used this product for the passed six months and have found it really good
nyt Thought postage was rather expensive so will not order again
++ I would recommend Garden Bargains to anyone, the produces are excellent quality and delivery is quick and packed well
+ Service rating : Easy to work with!
Product : Clean easy to use good results
++ Service rating : some plants could be better
Product : it a must to have
++ Service rating : Sell top grade compost for bargain prices We are disabled so having an online company so good is fantastic.
Product : Bought 80kg only needed half this time so I can prepare my extra crops for winter and spring
++ Service rating : Wish delivery was quicker!
Product : a definite must have! my third bag!
++ Service rating : very good quality
Product : excellent quality
++ Excellent service, beautiful plants, very happy customer!
++ Service rating : Excellent quality plant, brilliant packed to ensure they arrive in peak condition!
Product : My third purchase and my must have! We are very lucky to have access to a compost tat is normally only used by professinals!
Thank YoU
+ took to long to deliver.
Garden Bargains Comments
I am sorry to hear that you're disappointed, however we did send your order within the advertised time.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : The plants are of excellent quality, the packaging perfect but I was a little disappointed with the time it took for delivery
Product : First class! I have just ordered another bag!
+ As ever an excellent service. Good quality plants and excellent value for money. I have spent far too much money with Garden Bargains but don't regret it as my garden looks stunning. I just wish the rain would go away so I can sit out and really enjoy the beautiful plants.
++ Service rating : EXCELLENT
Product : VERY GOOD
+ Service rating : Some of the plugs where fine but the where a lot withered and damaged.
Product : Excellent quality.
Garden Bargains Comments
Sincere apologies. This is obviously not acceptable and I will follow up with those concerned.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Speedy delivery. Polite and helpful driver. Couldn't ask for more.
Product : Brilliant. very easy to handle.
+ Order placed 29th April. Order arrived with 4 out of 6 hanging baskets missing!! Took over a week to receive the missing baskets by which time about 70% of the plants died. Replacement plants received 28th May with roots bone dry. Just waiting to see how many of these plants die!! A full month from start to finish to complete order!!! Very Unhappy!!!
++ Service rating : Order delivered within time limit.
Product : Seems very good quality compost.One niggle;the outer packaging had some damage in transit and compost bag had a hole so there was a bit of leakage.
++ No issues.
+ Service rating : Dispatch arrangements were misleading,eg said Royal Mail, turned out in my experience as the worst courier Yodel.
Product : Used on day of delivery looks ok
Garden Bargains Comments
I am sorry to hear that there was a delay in delivering your order. If your plants don't thrive please let us know.

Head of Customer Service
+ To not offer combined postage on multiple purchases to the same address is disgraceful. You have lost a customer.
Garden Bargains Comments
We only charge P&P once per order - with the sole exception of our large bags of compost and manure, which due to their size and weight we regrettably have to send as separate consignments - and therefore must charge per bag.

Full details are available on our website - and we are always happy to see if we can arrange a discount on a large order.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : good as usual
Product : the compost was first class and price was good didn't like the carrige charge
NA Having placed my order before easter and courier giving me a date for delivery,and this been overdue. I got in touch with garden bargains who said it had gone missing they then resent the order that I recieved in 2 days.Excellent service
++ Delivery left as Asked for
+ Items did not arrive on day stated
+ Service rating : very speedy delivery arrived on the estimated date
Product : very good product came well packed
++ Service rating : Over watering prior to despatch meant packaging had been compromised.
Plants. We're not affected and are doing very well on a window ledge indoors.
Product : Convenient good quality.
Plants potted up within 30 minutes of arrival and are doing very well.
NA I placed my order which included plugs which were not ready for delivery but other items I ordered arrived quickly once explained I wished them delivered before plants.
What Is Supplied

Supplied as 80 litre bags (at packing), weighing approx. 15-18kg. Blend of 20% composted wood fibre, and 3 grades of white and black peats, Lime to balance pH, plus starter base fertiliser N:P:K in balance. Also contains Wetting Agent for even water distribution and re-wetting.

Please note: As this is a heavy/bulky item, each must be delivered separately by courier. Thus, regrettably we must charge delivery at 5.99 per bag.

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