Organic Potato Fertiliser

Organic Potato Fertiliser

1Kg pack - Item: 100005
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What Is Supplied

Organic Potato Fertiliser has been specifically formulated to provide your crop of potatoes with everything they need to produce a bountiful harvest. In particular it has been developed to promote the sustained healthy growth, making sure you get a good crop, whatever soil you have.

Use at the time of planting at the application rate specified on the pack (circa 50g per square metre) and then top-dress every 4-6 weeks thereafter at the same rate, working the fertiliser in to the top inch or so of soil around the growing potatoes. It can be used when growing potatoes in your soil as well as in pots and tubs.

The nutrient analysis (N:P:K) is 4:2.4:8 plus essential trace elements, and so is also suitable for use with any other vegetable crop. Because it is a slow release, organic fertiliser, it will break down gradually and is also kind to the environment. This carefully balanced organic fertiliser has been specially developed to promote the sustained growth of potato tubers and its effect is to help increase the size of potato harvests.

What Is Supplied Supplied as a 1.25kg pack. Do not exceed the application rate advised as giving more may actually damage your plants. Wear gloves when applying but also wash your hands after use. Do not allow livestock to graze where it has been used. Store in a dry, frost free place, well away from children, pets and food. May be harmful if eaten.
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