Plum And Cherry Trees


Nothing beats going out into your garden or patio and picking your own freshly grown plums and cherries, then serving them to admiring guests or family, so be sure to browse the selection of cherry trees and plum trees here at Garden Bargains.

You no longer have to be an expert gardener to save money, have fun and serve delicious fruit every summer. Growing plum trees and fruiting cherry trees has never been easier!

The plum and cherry trees for sale at Garden Bargains are all commercial grade, meaning that they're the same high-quality, high-yield varieties supplied to supermarkets. Buy plum trees or cherry trees from us and you can look forward to bumper crops year after year.

Our secret to making our plum and cherry trees easy to care for is the special dwarfing rootstock we use to prevent them from growing more than seven or eight feet tall. This means your fruit is easy to pick, your trees are easy to take care of and they are suitable for very small gardens and even patios.

The Victoria plum trees we have for sale are brilliant all-rounders. The plums they produce every July are wonderful straight from the tree, stewed, or made into jam.

We sell two varieties of fruiting cherry trees. Morello is an excellent cooking variety, perfect for jams and pies. Stella, on the other hand, is an eating cherry, providing sweet fruit that tastes delicious straight from the tree. Both of these varieties are highly resistant to disease and frost, and are self-fertile, so you don't have to plant anything else to make them fruit. However, we suspect you'll be interested in everything from apple trees to apricot trees once you see how rewarding growing can be.

What are you waiting for? Start your orchard today! We offer a fantastic Lifetime Guarantee on purchases, and conveniently deliver straight to your door.

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