Perennial Collections


"Perennials" is the term used for plants that come back year after year, usually dying back underground each year, only to emerge next season stronger and better. They represent tremendous value for money, as they cover space well, and over a few years can be chopped up or split to create new "free" plants for you to grow or swap with friends, family or even neighbours! They are one of the easiest categories of plants to grow, and best value for money for their years of pleasure.

We have put together a variety of collections for our customers that comprise of a selection of stunning perennials that will compliment each other and add vibrant colour and depth to your beds and borders. You could even plant up in pots and planters and scatter around your garden, patio or terrace and bring areas of your garden to life that could otherwise go unnoticed.

From sweet smelling Devon Pinks flowering in late Spring, to beautiful big blooming Hellebores that come to life in February, there is a collection for any time of the year.

We also offer Perennials by their individual varieties if there is a specific flower you're looking for and want to create a more formal look.

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