Pear Trees


Now it is easy to grow pear trees, even if you only have limited outdoor space. Here at YouGarden, we use special dwarfing rootstock that ensures our conference pear trees grow no more than eight feet tall. They're easy to manage and provide commercial-grade, delicious fruits!

Pear trees in the UK fruit in September. During the first season after planting, you won't get more than the odd few fruits, but thereafter you can expect bumper crops year after year. We believe planting is the cheap, fun, green and tasty way to enjoy fresh pears!

Conference are the most popular kind of pear trees in the UK. They are well suited to our climate and very versatile. Conference pears are excellent raw or cooked, baked into pies or stewed in red wine. Preserved pears that you grew and bottled yourself make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

The pear trees for sale at Garden Bargains are self-pollinating, so you don't need other trees nearby to make them fruit. However, growing your own food is so rewarding, we're sure you'll soon be eager to plant apple trees, cherry trees, peach trees and more!

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