Flowering Shrubs

Hardy evergreen shrubs can often been overlooked in favour of more fragile flowers, however, the Garden Bargains range of flowering shrubs, featuring berries, petals or fancy leaves, are a great solution if you want to inject long-lasting colour into your garden.

Hardy shrubs are ecologically sound as they provide a good shelter for insects and birds, as well as attracting bees and some butterflies. Just one or two evergreen shrubs could bring your garden to life with wildlife!

Another advantage of our hardy shrubs is that they are much more resistant to the weather, meaning the colder winters won't be too much of an issue. Versatile and appealing throughout the seasons, they should last all year long and can be trimmed or adapted to a smaller or larger space.

If you're investing in a plant like this, there's little maintenance involved with most breeds: they only need to be pruned once or twice throughout the whole year, depending on taste and garden layout. Not got the kit you need? Browse our selection of quality garden equipment!

Our evergreens are far from dull: we have bright pinks, yellows and purples that will inject colour into any garden. They're great whether your outdoor space is minimalist or blooming, and shouldn't be underrated by those who want to get more greenery outside.

Give these hardy shrubs a go for an easy way of creating a new look for your garden this season and beyond. We deliver straight to your door, and offer a fantastic Lifetime Guarantee!

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