Fruit Tree Sundries


Most fruit trees are easy to care for: all you need to do is protect them from pests and diseases, prune them once a year, and give them supplementary nutrients once in a while. You can find everything you need to look after yours in the fruit tree sundries range here at Garden Bargains.

The first few weeks after planting are the most critical stage in the life of a tree. Fruit trees stakes are essential to a good start, and our fruit tree planting kits comprise of stakes and rubber ties to provide support while the roots take hold.

To further promote the health of your tree root system, we recommend treatment with mycorhizal, a naturally occurring beneficial fungus that helps protect roots from disease and take up plant feed more effectively.

We also stock garden equipment and a selection of pots that will help you get the most from your apple trees, cherry trees, dwarf fruit trees and more. Place your order online today and enjoy the convenience of delivery to your door!

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