Duo Family Trees


If you are undecided which variety of fruit trees to grow, the duo family fruit trees here at Garden Bargains make it all the more easier.

Due to the work of skilled nurserymen, we can now offer two different fruit varieties - but on one tree! This means you can grow more varieties of fruits in a smaller space.

Through years of testing, we have selected perfect combinations of each fruit type, so that they cross-pollinate, remain in balance and do not over-compete. Plus, we use a dwarfing rootstock so that your family trees remain at a manageable size and are therefore perfect for any size garden.

Sharing the rootstock does not compromise the size of your crops, so you can enjoy delicious, juicy fruits of both varieties. No special care is needed to grow them, so they're great for novice gardeners. Why not give a family fruit tree as a gift?

Purchases are protected by our Lifetime Guarantee, and we carefully ship every item direct to your door. Place your online order now!

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