Climbing Roses


There isn't a more charming sight in a garden than that of arches and pergolas laden with a cascade of luxurious, fragrant Climbing Roses. Climbing roses are true acrobats and their long canes are well suited for training along any structure, be it trellises, gazebos, fences or pillars. We refreshed and extended our range in 2014, with the addition of some newer UK bred "Patio Climber" types, which only reach 1.5 - 1.8M, so are ideal for big pots, trelisses or obelisks.

This gives us a range of the most popular varieties, as well as proven garden winners, and the best of the new. We offer a basic range of colours, flower type and vigour to suit all uses - old and new - from patio pots to vigorous ramblers for cottage garden effects.

Garden Bargains supply "bare-root" climbing rose plants, which are lifted from the fields in Autumn, and stored in a cool environment to ensure the best chance of success when you plant them. By being allowed to bed in over winter, they will produce stronger root systems in the Spring, and will give you bigger, better and earlier displays. Easy to maintain, simply cut out older spent canes each Spring to encourage new shoots - much growth is produced in late Summer and Autumn after flowering, so train them then.

So wait no more to start creating your own rose garden and order your climbing rose plants now to achieve that longed for rose-covered chocolate box thatched cottage dream!

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