Bush And Shrub Roses


It has never been easier to create your own classic rose garden than with our reliable bush and shrub rose bushes. Specifically selected for their ability to do well in our unpredictable British Summers, they are also disease resistant and low maintenance, making them suitable even for the very beginner. Our simple range includes some of the very best new releases of the last few years, and some traditional old-fashioned shrub types over 100 years old!!

Sometimes rose terminology can be confusing, so let us explain a little. There are two main flower types, although their boundaries often merge - "Hybrid Tea" are the big, blousy flowers, one per stem, just like those you hope to get on Valentines Day! "Floribibunda" types are smaller, usually in clusters or groups (literally Flower Abundance). As for the shape or size...

If you are looking to start growing roses, a "Bush Rose" is a great place to start. They usually flower between 60 and 90cm tall, so can be grown in big pots or the garden, and naturally form a classic bush shape, well branched, and easy to manage. You will often see the term "Patio Rose" used - this is really only a generic name for smaller bush roses - often as little as 30-40cm tall, and with many, but smaller flowers. The term "Shrub Rose" tends to refer to slightly more vigorous bushes, often a little less formal and tidy, and often reaching 1-1.5M, these are the old-fashioned filled centre roses, often described as "Old English Roses" too.

Garden Bargains have selected a simple range of shrubs and bushes that are renowned for being easy to care for, vigorous and repeat bloomers in a range of colours and styles, so are a great place to start. All UK grown, they are supplied "bare root" (dormant) in Winter or potted in Spring and Summer.

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