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With their free-branching, upright and bushy style, Floribundas are a real favourite rose in the gardening world. The majority sport dark green leaves and flowers, usually in clusters of up to 25, which are borne endlessly on shoots from summer through to autumn. Display your Floribundas in borders or even as a beautiful informal hedge.

This Floribunda Rose collection contains a beautiful selection of Floribunda roses for you to include in your beds and borders. These Floribunda roses charm your garden with their magnificent colours and superb scent. With their harmonious colours, dazzling flowers and attractive shape this Floribunda rose collection adds a charming elegance to any outdoor space. This collection of 5 wonderful Floribunda roses includes Easy Does It, Caron Keating, Compassionate Friend, Claire Marshall and Amber Queen. Perfect for beginner gardeners and love by professionals. This Floribunda rose collection is ideal for rose gardens especially if your increasing an existing garden or starting a new one.

Easy Does It (‘Harpageant’) has both personality and beauty in abundance making it a rose that is a popular option for gardeners. Already a favourite across America and Australia, it is time for the UK to be blessed with its presence and to appreciate the elegance it can bring to your garden. Its colours are truly absorbing with a flawless mix of scarlet, orange, apricot, raspberry and pink attracting the attention of onlookers time after time. Add to that its fruity fragrance and the minimal effort needed for it to grow and you have every reason to believe that this is the missing piece to your current collection of plants.

Caron Keating is a rose with a slightly different look to the norm. The centre has the purest apricot tones that slowly fade as you move towards the edges of its cupped, double flower. The Caron Keating deserves to be planted to display all its beauty, ideally as low hedging, or in small groups of up to five plants. Named after the late television presenter, it requires very little attention to reach its peak and gives off a very mild, fresh fragrance.

Compassionate Friend has single to semi-double flowers and an undeniable charm and delicate nature that will make any gardener fall in love at first sight. Compassionate Friend has a very slight spicy scent, but the real attraction to this rose is its feathery pink flowers that you will be mesmerised by as it develops into its fully blossomed form. The Compassionate Friend requires very little maintenance to ensure it reaches its peak condition, making this a truly all-round treat for those who have the pleasure of owning and nurturing it.

Claire Marshall is a rich, pink rose that has the most satisfying, strong, summery fragrance that makes being around it a joy to both the eyes and the nose. It is truly vibrant and fresh to look at and will enrich any garden or home it finds itself in, simply by showing off its beauty and graceful features. Its versatility is another admirable feature, as you can use it for group-planting (beds, borders etc), for container gardening or as part of a vase arrangement.

Amber Queen is a fully double and fragrant rose, identifiable by its widespread bloom and beautiful amber-yellow colouring. Winner of the UK Rose of the Year when it was first introduced back in 1984, it has remained one of the most recognisable and popular roses of its colour since then. Aside from its eye-catching appearance, the Amber Queen is also regarded as one of the easier roses to maintain and will need little time and effort to see it develop to its peak.

  • Easy Does It, Caron Keating, Compassionate Friend, Claire Marshall and Amber Queen
  • Free-branching, upright and bushy style
  • Stunning flowers grouped in clusters of up to 25
  • One of the most popular garden plants in the world

Planting & Care Instructions: All roses love an open, sunny position so plant in an area of your garden that receives the most sunlight. You can also plant them in containers if you want to restrict their height or grow on a patio. The ideal time to plant roses is between October and April, ensuring you avoid any snow or frosts. Before you plant them soak the roots in a bucket of water for several hours. Any moist but well-draining garden soil is fine to plant roses in but the key to good establishment is soil preparation. Dig a deep hole for good drainage and add lots of organic matter to the surrounding soil to give the roots plenty of access to nutrients. It’s worth taking a bit of time when planting your rose to guarantee good establishment. Ensure that the graft union is about 3 inches above soil level or, if planting a potted rose, plant at pot level. A sprinkling of rootgrow and blood, fish & bone will ensure the roots can get maximum nutrient absorption from the second it's planted.

These roses will reach an eventual height or between 2-3ft and a width of 1-2ft. Pruning is essential to maintain a compact form, healthy growth and strong and prolific flowering and is very simple. From February to March prune back all stem to 20cm and reduce any remaining side stems to 3 buds. At this time remove any and all dead, diseased and damaged stems. To ensure continuous flower production from June right through to the end of September deadhead regularly unless you want attractive hips. After pruning a mulch of well-rotted farm yard manure or garden compost during spring and autumn will give your roses all the feed they need for the following season.





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